Plan Ahead

Plan for the Inevitable

Planning your own funeral or memorial service can provide peace-of-mind to you and your family.

Thinking ahead can help you make informed and thoughtful decisions about the specific items you want and need. It also spares your survivors the stress of making these decisions. You can make arrangements directly with a funeral establishment.

When planning a funeral pre-need, consider where the remains will be buried, entombed, or scattered. In the short time between the death and burial of a loved one, many family members find themselves rushing to buy a cemetery plot or grave — often without time for careful thought or a personal visit to the site.

You may wish to make decisions about your arrangements in advance, but not pay for them in advance. Over time, businesses may close or change ownership. Prices may go up, or in some areas with increased competition, prices may go down. It’s a good idea to review and revise your decisions every few years, and to make sure your family is aware of your wishes.

Put your preferences in writing, give copies to family members and your attorney, and keep a copy in a handy place. Don’t designate your preferences in your will, because a will often is not found or read until after a funeral. Avoid putting the only copy of your preferences in a safe deposit box. That’s because your family may have to make arrangements on a weekend or holiday, before the box can be opened.

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